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Accenture''s Code of Business Ethics (9-119-049) NEW
Soltes, Eugene

Leaders of Accenture''s compliance and ethics program are seeking to design a new code of business ethics for its global workforce of over 400,000 employees. The case explores the decision making process that went into the design process and ultimately how they created a revised code.


Creating and Measuring Purpose at Viega (9-122-028) NEW
Rouen, Ethan;Srinivasan, Suraj;Barnett, James


Competitive Strategy in International Construction (9-221-074) NEW
Macomber, John D.;Ergelen, Emrah

Construction of buildings and infrastructure is one of the largest industries in the world in terms of volume. It is also one of the most physically risky, financially uncertain, and politically impacted. The industry is highly fragmented since there are few economies of scale, substantial location advantages, and almost all of the work is site built from unique plans. In order to achieve long term above average returns on effort and on invested capital, .....more


Apple: Privacy vs. Safety (A) (9-321-004) NEW
McGee, Henry W.;Hsieh, Nien-he;Godwin, Christian

In 2015, Apple CEO Tim Cook debuted the iPhone 6S with enhanced security measures that enflamed a debate on privacy and public safety around the world. The iPhone 6S, amid a heightened concern for privacy following the 2013 revelation of clandestine U.S. surveillance programs, employed a default encryption system that prevented both Apple and government authorities from accessing data stored on the device. Law enforcement officials warned that the .....more


Pacesetters (9-322-019) NEW
Bussgang, Jeffrey J.;Martin, Mel

City Sealcoating CEO Keith Chaney had just publically called out the Boston Chamber of Commerce for their slow progress on their supplier diversity program, Pacesetters. Established in 2018 by regional business leaders, Pacesetters was supposed to facilitate relationships between large purchasing organizations and minority-owned businesses in the greater Boston area, eventually leading to procurement contracts for those minority-owned businesses. .....more


The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program: 2009-2021 (9-322-052) NEW
Schlesinger, Leonard A.;Kelley, Julia

In December 2021, more than a decade after its founding, Goldman Sachs''s 10,000 Small Businesses program was still going strong - and the firm now needed to evaluate potential program modifications to reach a wider group of small business owners. Launched in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, 10,000 Small Businesses provided business education, a wide network, and access to capital to U.S. small business owners through more than a dozen .....more


Tim Keller at Katzenbach Partners LLC (A) (Abridged) (9-415-070) NEW
Groysberg, Boris;Marquis, Christopher;Kanji, Ayesha;Weber, James

Tracks the first six months of a recent MBA grad, Tim Keller, at Katzenbach Partners, a boutique consulting firm focused on organizational change and strategy. Covers how Keller initially struggles with his assignment and ends with a question of whether or not he should attend a meeting that he was not invited to, where more senior consultants plan to implement the system dynamics tool that he was responsible for creating-on a Sunday when he had a .....more


Bandwidth.com: Answering the Call (9-416-014) NEW
Snook, Scott A.;Raetzman, Brittany;Schoppe, Christine;Schoppe, Jennifer


Global Leadership in a Dynamic and Evolving Region: Molinas @ The Coca-Cola Company (A) (9-417-068) NEW
Neeley, Tsedal;Cekin, Esel

Galya Frayman Molinas, President of Coca-Cola''s Turkish Business and a 20-year company veteran, is unexpectedly asked to take the helm of a newly expanded territory with operations across eight additional countries in Central Asia: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. With seemingly competing instructions to accelerate growth, while not diluting focus in Turkey or Central Asia, Molinas must .....more


Malcolm Turner at Vanderbilt (9-420-024) NEW
Fubini, David G.;Barnett, James

Malcolm Turner becomes the new athletic director at Vanderbilt University, tasked with increasing athletics-related revenue and improving on-field performance, while maintaining Vanderbilt''s academic rigor for student-athletes.


Kathy Fish at Procter & Gamble: Navigating Industry Disruption by Disrupting from Within (9-421-012) NEW
Truelove, Emily;Hill, Linda A.;Tedards, Emily

When Kathy Fish, Procter & Gamble''s Chief Research, Development & Innovation Officer, and a 40-year company veteran, stepped into her role in 2014, she was concerned that the world''s leading consumer packaged goods company had lost its capability to produce a steady stream of disruptive innovations. This, coupled with intensifying competition from more agile, digitally-savvy direct-to-consumer companies, convinced Fish that P&G needed to renew its .....more


Jan Swartz: Steering Princess Cruises Through the COVID-19 Crisis (9-421-036) NEW
Groysberg, Boris;Norris, Michael

In the summer of 2020, Jan Swartz, President of Princess Cruises, was persevering to lead her company back from the depths of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Diamond Princess, one of Princess Cruises'' 18 ships was the site of one of the earliest large outbreaks of COVID-19 outside of China. The outbreak led to hundreds of cases, at least a dozen deaths, media scrutiny, government investigations, and legal proceedings. In early March 2020, Swartz made the .....more


Michael Phelps: "It''s Okay to Not Be Okay (9-421-044) NEW
Groysberg, Boris;Knoop, Carin-Isabel;Norris, Michael

In 2020, Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, with 28 medals in various swimming events, was now retired. As he looked back on his 20+ year athletic career, he considered what had gone into making him the greatest of all time-the highs and lows, successes and struggles. He had lived with mental health issues for much of his life, going public with his struggles in 2015, when he talked about his depression and suicidal thoughts. .....more


Cin polis (9-421-053) NEW
Margolis, Joshua D.;Miguel, Fernanda

Two weeks after Cin polis released a documentary film about corruption, a judge ordered its provisional suspension, claiming it had to be edited before it continued to be shown, against Mexican cinematography laws. Cin polis, Latin America''s largest movie theater chain and the fourth largest in the world, welcoming 134 million moviegoers in 2011, had never distributed a film in its 40-plus years of existence, nor had there ever been an instance .....more


Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi (Abridged) (9-422-056) NEW
Hill, Linda A.;Tedards, Emily

In 2006, the Cleveland Clinic and Mubadala Investment Company partnered with a bold ambition to deliver world class healthcare in the United Arab Emirates. In 2015, after nearly a decade of planning and construction, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi opened its doors. By 2017, the hospital had proven it could deliver Cleveland Clinic-quality care 7,000 miles away from its main campus. Dr. Rakesh Suri, Chief of Staff at the time, became Cleveland Clinic Abu .....more


Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi: Leading Through the Fog of the COVID-19 Pandemic (9-422-057) NEW
Hill, Linda A.;Tedards, Emily

As COVID-19 began to take lives, destroy healthcare systems, and shut down economies across the globe, Dr. Rakesh Suri, Chief Executive Officer of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, and his executive team adapted their leadership to instill the new levels of agility and innovation required for the hospital to meet the demands of the pandemic. Collaboration across their local ecosystem and the broader Cleveland Clinic enterprise was paramount. In the midst .....more


Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi (9-422-058) NEW
Hill, Linda A.;Tedards, Emily

In 2006, the Cleveland Clinic and Mubadala Investment Company partnered with a bold ambition to deliver world class healthcare in the United Arab Emirates. In 2015, after nearly a decade of planning and construction, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi opened its doors. By 2017, the hospital had proven it could deliver Cleveland Clinic-quality care 7,000 miles away from its main campus. Dr. Rakesh Suri, Chief of Staff at the time, became Cleveland Clinic Abu .....more


Audubon (B) in 2019: Two Years after the Turnaround (9-520-094) NEW
Rangan, V. Kasturi


Geely SEA: New Electric Vehicle Platforms (9-622-001) NEW
Shih, Willy;Lin, Shu

Kent Bovellan, the Chief Engineer and Head of the Vehicle Architecture Center for Geely Holding, the Hangzhou, China headquartered global automotive group, was debating the platform choice for an upcoming "D" segment midsized battery electric vehicle (BEV). He had led the architectural development of the new Geely SEA platforms for its new family of BEVs. The new car would be part of the Zeekr premium lineup. He knew that smaller cars on a given platform .....more


Apple Inc. in 2020 (9-720-454) NEW
Yoffie, David B.;Fisher, Daniel

After a decade as CEO, Tim Cook is facing one of his biggest strategic transitions of his tenure. While Apple had performed spectacularly well under Cook, Apple''s core business was maturing. Sales of iPhones, iPads, and Macs were flat or down. However, Apple''s new hardware-Apple Watch and Airpods-as well as services were growing rapidly. This case explores Apple''s history and Cook''s strategic options for driving new hardware and services into .....more




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