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Sustaining Corporate Culture in a Growing Organization (9-119-109) NEW
Campbell, Dennis;Sandino, Tatiana


Christmas Inc. (A) (9-120-009) NEW
Gallani, Susanna;Sabin, Gregory;Adams, Lexor;Haberling, Nicholas


Christmas Inc. (B) (9-120-010) NEW
Gallani, Susanna;Sabin, Gregory;Adams, Lexor;Haberling, Nicholas


Creating Accountability in Afghanistan (9-120-024) NEW
Heese, Jonas;Perez Cavazos, Gerardo;Soltes, Eugene;Liu, Grace


Life Stories of Recent MBAs: Leadership Purpose (9-410-034) NEW
Nohria, Nitin;Breitfelder, Matthew D.;Dowling, Daisy Wademan


Shifting the Diversity Climate: The Sodexo Solution (9-412-020) NEW
Thomas, David A.;Creary, Stephanie J.

This case profiles the evolution of Sodexo''s diversity initiative. Diversity became a key priority for Sodexo, North America in 2001 after a class-action lawsuit was filed and certified in Washington, D.C. against Sodexo Marriot Services, Inc., the food services division that Sodexo had merged with in 1998. In 2002, Dr. Rohini Anand was hired by Michel Landel, CEO of Sodexo, North America. Soon thereafter, Anand was instated as chief diversity officer .....more


LIXIL Group Corporation: Building a New Company in an Old Industry (9-419-009) NEW
Groysberg, Boris;Kanno, Akiko

In the spring of 2018, Kinya Seto, president and CEO of LIXIL Group Corporation, a major housing and building products and services company, called a meeting at the company''s head office in central Tokyo to discuss how to implement the new three-year strategic plan. LIXIL had been established in 2011 through a merger of five of Japan''s major companies across a broad spectrum of building materials and other housing-related businesses. The company .....more


P-Will at DISCO (9-419-035) NEW
Bernstein, Ethan S.;Jinjo, Naoko;Sakuma, Yuna

From the outside, DISCO-a Japan-based manufacturer of precision tools for semiconductor production devices-appeared to be a rather ordinary company that had achieved rather extraordinary success: it had simultaneously achieved 70% global market share, had lifted its profitability from 15% to 30% over the past seven years, and was consistently selected as a ""Best Workplace"" in Japan. The secret to DISCO''s success, according to Sekiya, lay in its .....more


Developing Yourself as a Leader: A Framework for Millennial High Potentials & Emerging Leaders (9-419-045) NEW
Bernstein, Ethan S.;Lynde, Kirstin

Millennials are redefining what it means to develop future leaders. In business organizations, leadership development-defined as "the expansion of a person''s capacity to be effective in leadership roles and processes"-has traditionally been the work of corporate development programs for select employees handpicked and cultivated by senior management. With the millennial generation of leaders, however, leadership self-development is becoming far more .....more


GHN and AhaMove: Last-Mile Delivery in Vietnam (9-619-051) NEW
Ferreira, Kris;Goh, Joel;Lau, Dawn;Phan, Tuan


Emirates Airline: Connecting the Unconnected (9-714-432) NEW
Alcacer, Juan;Clayton, John

Narrates the story of Emirates, an airline founded in 1985 in Dubai that by 2013 was among the three largest commercial airlines in the world. The case emphasizes how Emirates capitalized on its location-a small city-state strategically located to reach of the world population in a flight of less than eight hours-to build a fast-growing and profitable hub-based business model. The case details how Emirates'' chooses new routes, technology, and .....more


Amazon''s HQ2 (B): Utah (9-718-503) NEW
Mills, Karen;Raman, Manjari;Rivkin, Jan W.


The Nature Conservancy in 2018 (9-719-054) NEW
Alvarez, Jose B.;Reinhardt, Forest L.;Kindred, Natalie


MoviePass: The "Get Big Fast" Strategy (9-719-455) NEW
Esty, Benjamin C.;Fisher, Daniel

In August 2017, MoviePass dramatically lowered its subscription price from $50 per month to just $10 for up to one movie per day. The idea was to rapidly scale the business to the point where it could generate incremental revenue streams from related businesses (e.g., a share of ticket and concession revenues from theaters, advertising revenue from movie studios; and revenue from ride-sharing companies). Within two days, Moviepass had gotten 150k .....more


Tiantong & Partners: Transforming Litigation Practice in China (9-719-457) NEW
Nanda, Ashish;Rohrer, Lisa


Amazon''s HQ2 (C): Choices (9-719-465) NEW
Mills, Karen;Rivkin, Jan W.

Amazon''s initial request for proposals for a second headquarters (HQ2), released in September 2017, attracted great attention and, ultimately, proposals from 238 cities and regions in North America. This case discusses the company''s decision to split its HQ2 between two locations, and the ensuing response from local politicians and the public.


OTE: Managing in Times of National Crisis (B) (9-719-505) NEW
Alcacer, Juan;Moloney, Emer

During the period 2011-2016, CEO and Chairman of Greek telecommunications company OTE Michael Tsamaz guided the company through a much needed transformation with a multi-pronged strategy.


Pacari: Premium Organic Chocolate (BL0003) NEW
Velasco, Alexandra;Noboa, Fabrizio

This case uses Pacari, a medium-sized Ecuadorian company whose chocolate bars have won multiple international quality awards, to illustrate the global value chain of the chocolate industry, as well as to compare business models pursued in Ecuador in order to determine which ones create more economic, social and environmental well-being in an emerging country. It starts by describing its founders'' concern about Pacari''s contribution to changing Ecuador''s .....more


Fomento Lechero - Supporting Small Dairy Farmers (EG0003) NEW
Layrisse, Francisco;Lozano, Gerardo

In 1980, the ALFA Group, a Mexican conglomerate, initiated a diversification process that led to the acquisition of a cold cuts company, thus creating Sigma Alimentos. Fourteen years later, seeking to make greater use of its refrigerated supply chain, Sigma Alimentos chose to make its way into the then very competitive dairy industry. Having found that large milk producers were already committed to large dairy processing companies, Sigma Alimentos .....more


The #MeToo Backlash (F1905A) NEW
Harvard Business Review

Many people thought the #MeToo movement would have a deterrent effect. A group of researchers weren''t so sure. In early 2018 they began a survey to determine whether their fears of fallout were justified. Indeed, both men and women predicted that men would be more reluctant now to engage with women at work in certain ways, such as meeting one-on-one or going for after-work drinks, even though such activities can be crucial for advancement. People .....more




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Amazon.com, 2018

X Fire Paintball & Airsoft: is Amazon a Friend or Foe? (B)

X Fire Paintball & Airsoft: is Amazon a Friend or Foe? (A)

Breaking Bad (the Rules): Argentina Defaults, Inflates (and Grows), 1997-2015

Hindustan Unilever''s ''Pureit'' Water Purifier

Cisco Systems: Managing the Go-to-Market Evolution

Amazon''s HQ2 (A)

The Homes Cycling Shop

Renegotiating NAFTA

Sundial Brands: Leading Through Transitions

Qualcomm Inc., 2019

Production Processes

Colony Capital: Unbelievable

From Preparatory Academy to National Flagship: The Evolution of Tsinghua University

A Note on Compensation

Rebranding Godiva: The Yildiz Strategy

Fuyao Glass America: Sourcing Decision

The Fall of Enron

Idle Hands Craft Ales

Sidewalk Labs: Privacy in a City Built from the Internet Up

OnDeck Capital, Inc.

Wal-Mart in Europe

New Balance: Managing Orders and Working Conditions

SoulCycle: The Road Ahead

Cafes Monte Bianco: Building a Profit Plan


Actera Group: Investing in Mars Cinema Group (B)

Actera Group: Investing in Mars Cinema Group (A)

Marks & Spencer and Zara: Process Competition in the Textile Apparel Industry

Vertical Farms


Fashion Forward Dubai (FFWD): Digitally Transforming the Fashion Industry?

U.S. Commercial Health Insurance Industry


Mubadala and EBX: To X or to X It?

Patagonia''s Sustainability Strategy: Don''t Buy Our Products

Marquee: Reinventing the Business of Nightlife

Managing Consumer Touchpoints at Nissan Japan

CEWD: Closing the Skills Gap

Measuring Impact at JUST Capital

Mavi: Fashioning a Path to Brand Growth

Arlan Hamilton and Backstage Capital

Forta Furniture: International Expansion

China: The New Normal

Fredrick Martin at UVA

Bad Arguments and Rationalization in Business

The Robin Hood Army

Project Deutschland: Unpeeling the Onion of a Distressed Real Estate Portfolio

CyberArk: Protecting the Keys to the IT Kingdom

GreenLight BioSciences: In Search of Impact Investment

Haier: Incubating Entrepreneurs in a Chinese Giant

Designing a Compliance Program at AB InBev

Predicting Consumer Tastes with Big Data at Gap

Apple: Privacy vs. Safety? (A)

Uber in 2017: One Bumpy Ride

Misaki Capital and Sangetsu Corporation

Planters Nuts

Lending Club: Time to Join?

Chorus and Telecom: Building the Boards

Japan: Betting on Inflation?

Rodan + Fields Dermatologists

ABC Pharmaceuticals

Kunshan, Incorporated: The Making of China''s Richest Town

SKF Bearings Series: Market Orientation Through Services (B): The Mission and Customer Strategy

SKF Bearings Series: Market Orientation Through Services (A): Restructuring the Before and After Market

The Fall of Circuit City Stores, Inc.

Ramesh Patel at Aragon Entertainment Limited

Michael Lester at Lachlan Consulting

Danielle Marcoux at AdNet2Win Technologies

Piramal e-Swasthya: Attempting Big Changes for Small Places - in India and Beyond

IBM''s Decade of Transformation: Turnaround to Growth

Philips Electronic N.V.

Nintendo: The Launch of Game Boy Color

Coach K: A Matter of the Heart

Coach Knight: The Will to Win

2001 Crisis in Argentina: An IMF-Sponsored Default? (B)

SKF Bearings: Market Orientation Through Services

Praegitzer Industries, Inc.

Process Control at Polaroid (A)


ABB''s Relays Business: Building and Managing a Global Matrix

Appex Corp.

Avon Co.

Timken Co.

Mark Twain Bancshares, Inc.


Note on Accountability in the U.S. Health Care System

EXACT Sciences Corp.: Commercializing a Diagnostic Test

Cardinal Health: The Medicine Shoppe Acquisition (B)