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Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics and a Career in Crisis (2095) NEW
Sasser, W. Earl, Jr.;Beckham, Heather

Teach this case online with new suggestions added to the Teaching Note. When students have the English-language PDF of this Brief Case in a coursepack, they will also have the option to purchase an audio version. The case describes the dilemma of a marketing manager, Thomas Green, who, after being rapidly promoted, is harshly criticized by his boss, Frank Davis. Green and Davis disagree on work styles and market projections. Green believes the sales .....more


Samsung Electronics and LCD Technology (B) (904M47) NEW
Dhanaraj, Charles;Kim, Young Soo

An abstract is not available for this product.


Samsung Electronics and LCD Technology (C) (904M48) NEW
Dhanaraj, Charles;Kim, Young Soo

An abstract is not available for this product.


PETA: Escalation (905C16) NEW
Sider, Michael;Seijts, Gerard

An abstract is not available for this product.


Arla and MD Foods--The Merger Decision (B) (905M13) NEW
Rowe, W. Glenn;Shandilya, Pankaj

An abstract is not available for this product.


Gillette''s Energy Drain (B): Energizer''s Acquisition of Schick (905M27) NEW
Schultz, Frank C.;McCune, Michael T.

An abstract is not available for this product.


Citigroup in Post-WTO China (B) (906M43) NEW
Conklin, David W.;Cadieux, Danielle

An abstract is not available for this product.


The Waterview (907C02) NEW
Grasby, Elizabeth M.A.;Harvey, Julie

The snack bar supervisor of The Waterview resort in Northern Ontario just had another argument with his boss. He was angry and hated the thought of finishing the remaining four weeks of his summer contract. It was obvious to the supervisor that his boss held a personal grudge against him that was growing in intensity. He wondered how to finally settle their differences. Students will analyze a set of complex issues.


Rogers Cable: First Time Right (907C17) NEW
Grasby, Elizabeth M.A.;Martens, Jordan

In the fall of 2002, the directors of process engineering at Rogers Cable had discovered that a significant portion of Rogers Cable''s installations and service activities had been followed by repeat visits within the following 30 days. This meant that services were not properly completed the first time. If high numbers of repeat and rework problems continued, customers would readily take their business elsewhere in the highly competitive environment. .....more


Hospital Software Solutions (A) (907C18) NEW
Grasby, Elizabeth M.A.;Stornelli, Jason

The customer care team lead at Hospital Software Solutions was becoming increasingly distressed in her workplace. Her supervisors were not managing her or the department effectively; her responsibilities did not align with her job description; she was being blamed for computer system failures; and she felt she was being viewed as the office slacker. The case provides for the application of theoretical concepts surrounding leadership, power/influence, .....more


Hospital Software Solutions (B) (907C19) NEW
Grasby, Elizabeth M.A.;Stornelli, Jason

The customer care team lead (team lead) decides to attend a town hall meeting with the company''s president and publicly air her concerns about computer system problems. This action appears to help resolve the system''s problems but her supervisor rates her poorly on a performance review, possibly motivated by the team leader''s actions at the town hall meeting. She must find a way to resolve her issues at Hospital Software Solutions without ruining .....more


Ions Consulting: The MP 2 Training Program (907C29) NEW
Cotte, June;Lee, Seung Hwan (Mark)

The recently hired human resources (HR) director had to come up with a program that would meet the needs of transferring knowledge from older, more experienced project consultants to the junior and newly hired inexperienced associates. The HR director designed a program called the Mentoring Management Project for Professionals (MP 2). The program met with great resistance from all levels of the organization, which made the development and the implementation .....more


City Water Tanzania (B): Privatizing Dar es Salaam''s Water Utility (907M26) NEW
Branzei, Oana;McKague, Kevin

An abstract is not available for this product.


City Water Tanzania (D): Things Fall Apart (907M28) NEW
Branzei, Oana;McKague, Kevin

An abstract is not available for this product.


Michelin in the Land of the Maharajahs (B): Note on the Tire Industry in India (907M31) NEW
Meschi, Pierre-Xavier

An abstract is not available for this product.


The Garden Depot (908C06) NEW
Grasby, Elizabeth M.A.;Koopmans, Karin

The office manager at the Garden Depot was growing increasingly concerned with the inability of the landscaping manager to handle his workload and subordinates. The landscape manager''s poor management left the office manager to solve the division''s problems. The office manager needed to take action to reduce her workload and to ensure she received accurate information from the landscaping division. The case is designed to introduce students to managing .....more


Measurement and Management at CitySoft (9-100-056) NEW
Narayanan, V.G.;Pothen, Sanjay T.

CitySoft is a very small software developer that is grappling with issues of cost measurement and management.


Coca-Cola Co. (C) (9-102-050) NEW
Hawkins, David F.

Supplements the (A) case.


Ujjivan: A Microfinance Institution at a Crossroads (A) (9-108-057) NEW
Narayanan, V.G.;Freed, Pamela

Samit Ghosh, the CEO and founder of Ujjivan, a major microfinance provider in Bangalore, wants to grow his business rapidly and become financially sustainable, but he''s struggling with staff fraud, high costs, and how to stay true to Ujjivan''s mission of poverty alleviation, while simultaneously reaching out to higher-income customers. The case explores how Ujjivan can grow, looking at such issues as new technology, diversifying product offerings, .....more


HurryDate (9-110-035) NEW
Katz, Sharon;Riedl, Edward J.;Deckinger, Jessica

This case illustrates a comprehensive valuation of a firm specializing in the "speed dating" niche of the dating/entertainment industry. The founders of HurryDate, a small, privately-held firm, are considering options to fund future growth, including a full or partial sale of the firm. Students must assess the firm''s strategy, the key risks and success factors associated with this industry, evaluate basic financial reports, assess the firm''s past .....more




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Income Inequality and the CEO Pay Ratio at TJX Cos

Sesame Workshop (A): Bringing Big Bird Back to Health

CIAM: Home-Grown Shareholder Activism in France

Hindustan Unilever''s "Pureit" Water Purifier

MyVillage: Home-based Childcare For All

Davis Press and Meccan Madness

Discovery IQ by GE: Launching Super Value PET/CT Scanner

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Forest City Tennis Club - Pro Shop and Bar Lounge

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Glossier: Co-Creating a Cult Brand with a Digital Community

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