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VITAL: A Singapore Public Agency Transforming from Within for Revitalisation, Efficiency, and Future-Readiness (088SMU) NEW
Hoe, Siu Loon;Lim, Thomas

Singapore public agency VITAL offered corporate shared services including human resources (HR), payroll, and finance to agencies across the Singapore Public Service. Due to the nature of their jobs, VITAL officers handled a large volume of mundane administrative work. As automation was being increasingly adopted in the workplace, VITAL Chief Executive Dennis Lui decided that his staff should undergo training in areas such as data analytics, design .....more


ExxonMobil: Is Chasing Net Zero Futile? (090SMU) NEW
Tan, Patrick;Bhattacharya, Lipika;Pan, Gary;Kusnadi, Yuanto

The case is set in September 2023, and talks about the energy transition of the oil and gas industry in context to ExxonMobil (Exxon), which has seen continued backlash from media and climate activists on its stance on climate change, strategies towards pivoting its core business towards more sustainable practices and moving away from fossil fuel energy that contributes significantly to global warming. While many oil and gas companies have increasingly .....more


Appraisal of What Performance? (76405) NEW
Levinson, Harry

Present performance appraisal techniques evaluate behavior by making subjective and impressionistic judgments rather than quantitative judgments and providing inadequate information about performances. Static job descriptions contribute to the inadequacy of appraisal systems as they do not define the subtleties of the relationships which will influence employees'' roles and careers. Employees need to develop political skill in addition to professional .....more


Ethics Without the Sermon (81609) NEW
Nash, Laura L.

A set of twelve questions provides executives with a framework to test pragmatically the ethical content of business decisions. The inquiry draws on traditional philosophical frameworks while avoiding the utopian and anticapitalistic bias prevalent in current applied business philosophy. The ethical inquiry method articulates corporate responsibilities and lays them open for examination.


How to Write a Winning Business Plan (85314) NEW
Rich, Stanley R.;Gumpert, David E.

A well-conceived business plan is essential to the success of an enterprise. Whether you are starting up a venture, seeking additional capital for an existing product line, or proposing a new activity for a corporate division, you will have to write a plan detailing your project''s resource requirements, marketing decisions, financial projections, production demands, and personnel needs. The plan must reflect the viewpoint of three constituencies: .....more


Planning with People in Mind (85414) NEW
Mills, D. Quinn

Many American companies have begun to plan for their professional, managerial, and technical personnel. The most critical element is management''s appreciation for the ways in which its human resource decisions affect the company''s ability to achieve its business plans--and vice versa. Designing and strengthening work programs, assessing the corporate culture, and modifying or reinforcing it from the top are among the ways human resource planners .....more


Reengineering Work: Don''t Automate, Obliterate (90406) NEW
Hammer, Michael

Companies rarely achieve radical performance improvements when they invest in information technology. Most companies use computers to speed up, not break away from, business processes and rules that are decades, if not centuries, out of date. But the power of computers can be released by "reengineering" work: abandoning old ways of working and creating entirely new ones.


OXXO''s Turf War Against Extra (B) (9-117-022) NEW
Sandino, Tatiana;Perez Cavazos, Gerardo;Lobb, Annelena

In 2006, Mexican convenience store chain OXXO faced a threat from a formidable competitor, the rival convenience chain Extra. OXXO had embarked on an initiative to fortify its corporate culture and operating system, but the threat of Extra raised the question of whether they should focus on opening as many stores as possible and as quickly as possible, in order to maintain market leadership. CEO Eduardo Padilla had to define his strategy and decide .....more


Accounting for Loan Losses at JPMorgan Chase: Predicting Credit Costs (9-123-042) NEW
Heese, Jonas;Kang, Jung Koo;Weber, James

The case examines how to account for risks associated with loan assets (or receivables) through financial reporting for loan losses (or bad debt expenses) in the context of the adoption of the new accounting standard, Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) model. CECL required banks to consider future economic conditions and to include forward-looking credit loss estimates in the setting of allowance for loan and lease losses (ALLL). This marked a departure .....more


Leading Transformation at IHCL (9-124-041) NEW
Palepu, Krishna G.;Narayanan, V.G.;Sen, Malini

In November 2017, Puneet Chhatwal, took charge as MD and CEO of IHCL, popularly referred to as the Taj Hotels. Despite being India''s largest hospitality company by market capitalization and respected for its values and service, IHCL had made losses for the last seven years and had high debt levels. Chhatwal prioritized improving the company''s profitability while reducing debt. He opted for an asset-light portfolio and refreshed the brand architecture. .....more


Accounting Red Flags or Red Herrings at Catalent? (B) (9-124-055) NEW
Pacelli, Joseph;Ali, ZeSean;Quinn, Tom

GlassHouse Research identified accounting red flags at Catalent. Fiat Lux Partners countered most of GlassHouse''s claims. Who was right? This update explores the aftermath of the short seller duel.


Post-Wirecard: BaFin under Mark Branson (9-124-078) NEW
Heese, Jonas;Moniz, Carlota;Beyersdorfer, Daniela

In November 2023, Mark Branson, the head of Germany''s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), reflected on the efficacy of the reforms initiated since the Wirecard scandal. BaFin had been discredited after Wirecard''s downfall in 2020. The press had derided it as a "toothless tiger" because of its limited supervisory powers when it came to addressing warning signs of large-scale accounting fraud. Why did BaFin fail to detect the Wirecard .....more


Managing AI Risks in Consumer Banking (9-124-093) NEW
Srinivasan, Suraj;Tadikonda, Satish;Dongha, Paul;Saxena, Manoj;Kak, Radhika

In early 2024, Ruth Jones, head of digital banking at Signa Bank, a (fictitious) European consumer bank, was thinking about how to best incorporate GenAI capabilities to improve efficiencies and create new ways to improve the customer experience. Where were the biggest opportunities? How could the bank incorporate GenAI to better personalize the customer experience? And what were the most effective strategies to mitigate the number of product and .....more


Revenue Recognition at Stride Funding: Making Sense of Revenues for a Fintech Startup, Spreadsheet Supplement (9-124-709) NEW
Kang, Jung Koo

Spreadsheet supplement for case 124015.


Pergola Fish Finders Inc. (92K003) NEW
Graham, John F.;Roberts, Graham T.

Preparing a bank reconciliation given limited information. Difficult. John F. Graham is affiliated with Ivey Business School.


Taiwan After Globalization: Twilight of the Developmental State? (9-324-032) NEW
Spar, Debora L.;Comeau, Julia

In the last 70 years, the small island of Taiwan has achieved what many believe to be a "miracle": its economy has grown at a record-setting pace, driven and guided by one of the world''s most successful set of industrial policies, and it has become one of the richest and most open nations in the global trading system, with particular sway in the vital semiconductor sector. In more recent decades, however, the authoritarian government that originally .....more


The ICARUS Principles: What it Takes to Tackle the World (9-324-055) NEW
Spar, Debora L.;Comeau, Julia

Over the course of the 20th century, most of the world''s major multinational corporations framed their mission around Milton Friedman''s famous mantra: that the sole purpose of the firm is to maximize its shareholders'' profits. Recently, however, growing numbers of for-profit firms have embedded and embraced missions that go far beyond profit maximization or commercial gain; missions that include some of the world''s greatest and most complex challenges: .....more


Decline of the Dollar--1978, Supplement (9-384-172) NEW
Rukstad, Michael G.;Pope, Daniel A.

Supplements the case.


Dr. Tom Mihaljevic and Cleveland Clinic (9-424-031) NEW
Hill, Linda A.;Begag, Lydia

In December 2022, Dr. Tomislav ("Tom") Mihaljevic, CEO and President of Cleveland Clinic, was reflecting on the last few years at the hospital, marked both by unprecedented challenges and remarkable achievements. Cleveland Clinic had recently been ranked the world''s second-best hospital. Dr. Mihaljevic was especially proud of the special recognition given to Cleveland Clinic''s COVID-19 pandemic response and attributed this to the hospital''s 77,000 .....more


From "BIG" Ideas to Sustainable Impact at ICL Group (A) (9-424-042) NEW
Hill, Linda A.;Begag, Lydia

In the summer of 2023, Eduard ("Eddie") Croitoru, Vice President (VP) of ICL Group ("ICL") Corporate Initiatives, was reflecting on ICL''s internal ideation program, the Business Innovation for Growth (BIG) Accelerator. When Raviv Zoller become the CEO of ICL in 2018, he recruited Croitoru, then his Chief of Staff, to help embed a culture of innovation throughout the company. He tasked Croitoru with addressing employee engagement and innovation challenges, .....more




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Angel City Football Club: Scoring a New Model

Celsius Network Inc.: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt in the Brave New World of Crypto Bankruptcy

From "BIG" Ideas to Sustainable Impact at ICL Group (B)

Uniswap: Fighting a Vampire Attack (B)

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Accounting Red Flags or Red Herrings at Catalent? (A)

Gavi and COVID-19: Pandemic of the Century

FARM Rio: Bringing a Brazilian Fashion Brand to the World

Triangulate (A)

Martine Rothblatt and United Therapeutics: A Series of Implausible Dreams

The Wheels on the Bus" Go Electric: Highland Electric Fleets and Partners

Supercell 2.0: Clash of Plans

eBee: Affordable Mobility for Africa

Creditor Activism in Sovereign Debt: "Vulture" Tactics or Market Backbone

Golden Agri-Resources and the Challenge of Sustainable Palm Oil

Embracing Digital: ING''s Pioneering Journey to Agile (Part 1)

Embracing Digital: ING''s Pioneering Journey to Agile (Part 2)

Manufacturing Moderna''s Future

Out of Hand Theater: Monetizing Creativity

Tesla in 2023: "Electrified" Competition

Buhler: Mobilizing Industry Around A Common Purpose

Silicon Valley Bank: Gone in 36 Hours

Customer Data Privacy

Experimentation at Yelp

Infarm: Betting the (Indoor) Farm on Food Security

The Yield Curve and Growth Forecasts

Managing Customers for Growth: Course Overview for Students

Duffinbear Inc.

Wilshire Sports Importers Ltd.

Equability by Jen Candle Company: A Manufacturing Inventory Exercise

Lakeshore Tea Company: Merchandising Operations

Bizongo and e-B2B in India

El Salvador: Launching Bitcoin as Legal Tender

Terrific Tennis Balls: A Manufacturing Inventories Exercise

Computer Science for Strategists

Care in Every Drop": Ayala Corporation and Manila Water (A)

Travelogo: Understanding Customer Journeys

Data Science at the Warriors

OpenAI: Idealism Meets Capitalism

Data-Driven Denim: Financial Forecasting at Levi Strauss

Accelerating with Caution: Forecasting and Managing birddogs'' Growth

Generative AI and the Future of Work

AI Wars

Shopify or Amazon, that is the question

Apple''s supply chain transformation

Emeritus: Achieving Impact, Providing Access (A)

Payal Novelty Bindi: Cultural Product or Fashion Accessory?

DJI: How to Design an Innovation Ecosystem

AI21 Labs in 2023: Strategy for Generative AI

Helmy Abouleish: Making a Desert Bloom

Winning Business at Russell Reynolds (C), Spreadsheet Supplement

Deepa Bachu (A): Design Thinking at Pensaar Design

Nigeria: Africa''s Giant

Ozyegin Social Investments: A Legacy of Giving

Money Fellows: The Quest for Expansion

Miracle Therapeutics (A): Negotiating an IP License

Seeds of Innovation: GALY''s Quest to Cultivate the Future of Agriculture in the Lab

3G Capital


T.G.S. Transportation: Battery Electric or Hydrogen?

Revenue Recognition at Stride Funding: Making Sense of Revenues for a Fintech Startup

Fairphone: Dialing Up Sustainability in Smartphones

Artea: Designing Targeting Strategies

Hey, Insta & YouTube, Are You Watching TikTok?

Sixty Years of Sylvia''s

Zalando: A Digital Foundation for Fashion Supply Chain Success

Marie Curie: Changing the World

Artea (D): Discrimination through Algorithmic Bias in Targeting

Artea (C): Potential Discrimination through Algorithmic Targeting

Artea (B): Including Customer-level Demographic Data

Statistical Inference

Climate Action in Miami

Schneider Electric: Becoming the world leader in sustainability

Mastercard''s ethical approach to governing AI

Michelin: Digital Transformation and Culture - Where the Rubber Hits the Road

E-Commerce Analytics for CPG Firms (C): Free Delivery Terms

E-Commerce Analytics for CPG Firms (A): Estimating Sales

THE YES: Reimagining the Future of E-Commerce with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

eGrocery and the Role of Data for CPG Firms

Fishbowl: Scaling Up

Control or Flexibility? Structured Empowerment Offers Both - Lessons from Retail & Service Chains

Elon Musk''s Big Bets

Strategy Execution Module 1: Managing Organizational Tensions

GUIDES: Insight through Indicators

OXXO''s Turf War Against Extra (A)

Strategy Execution Module 3: Using Information for Performance Measurement and Control

China Lodging Group (B)

China Lodging Group (A)

Danaher Corporation

Molycorp: Financing the Production of Rare Earth Minerals (A)


Note on Accountability in the U.S. Health Care System

EXACT Sciences Corp.: Commercializing a Diagnostic Test

Cardinal Health: The Medicine Shoppe Acquisition (B)