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Volkswagen do Brasil Case Supplement: Employee Recognition Awards Ceremony, Video (9-111-708) NEW
Volkswagen do Brasil

A short video of the company''s annual employee rewards event.


Summa Equity: Building Purpose-Driven Organizations (9-118-028) NEW
Serafeim, George;Freiberg, David

In 2015, Reynir Indahl left top Nordic private equity firm Altor Equity Partners to found Summa Equity (Summa). After long contemplation following the financial crisis, Indahl was convinced the financial system was producing negative externalities and that the current private equity model adopted by most firms would no longer be successful. Summa was developed under a new private equity model that sought to "future-proof" businesses by focusing on .....more


Charity or Bribery (9-118-052) NEW
Soltes, Eugene;Tilley, Brian

Filip Kowalski, a senior manager at the pharmaceutical company Healthgen, leads sales for the firm''s Polish division. While pitching Healthgen''s products, he develops a relationship with a director of a regional health fund who also runs a private foundation. After a natural disaster, Healthgen- at the request of the director- donated products to help during the crises. After Healthgen wins an important contract, the media alleges that the donation .....more


An Intern''s Dilemma (A) (9-316-128) NEW
Sucher, Sandra J.;Preble, Matthew

An HBS student is asked to misrepresent himself during the course of his summer internship by his employer in order to obtain data from industry competitors.


Uruguay: Facing the 21st Century (9-318-019) NEW
Reinert, Sophus A;Chu, Michael;Knoop, Carin-Isabel

In the fall of 2017, self-made businessleader Edgardo Novick pondered his campaign to be elected President of Uruguay, "the Switzerland of Latin America." Inspired by populist revolts against the statue quo observable worldwide, Novick hoped he could ride popular momentum to break the political monopoly of the traditional parties and return the country to its past greatness. Uruguay had been one of the world''s most successful countries in the nineteenth .....more


Apple: Privacy vs. Safety? (B) (9-318-079) NEW
McGee, Henry;Hsieh, Nien-he;Schwalb, Nathaniel

This case supplements "Apple: Privacy vs. Safety (A), covering select events in 2017, including 1) a mass shooting in which U.S. law enforcement was not able to access the shooter''s encrypted iPhone and 2) Apple''s compliance with the Chinese government''s request to make it more difficult for iPhone users to download "Virtual Private Network" apps.


Meg Whitman and eBay Germany (9-402-006) NEW
Hill, Linda A.

To maximize their effectiveness, color cases should be printed in color. After acquiring the German online auction company Alando.de, eBay CEO Meg Whitman and her team must integrate Alando''s Web site with the company''s existing platform. The acquisition is the first step of eBay''s journey to become a global trading platform. In addition to the challenge of a technical integration of massive scale, the case explores the inner workings of eBay''s .....more


Craig Parks (A) (9-497-013) NEW
Thomas, David A.;Chadderdon, Lisa

Craig Parks is a 1992 HBS graduate who, without much deliberation, returns to work for his former employer, Taylor Burton on Wall Street. The choice proves to be a poor fit for Craig. The case documents his decision-making process, personal history, and the dilemma he confronts once he realizes returning to Taylor Burton was the wrong decision.


Craig Parks (B) (9-497-014) NEW
Thomas, David A.;Chadderdon, Lisa

Supplements the (A) case.


Netflix in 2011 (9-615-007) NEW
Shih, Willy;Kaufman, Stephen P.

Reed Hastings founded Netflix to provide a home movie service that would do a better job satisfying customers than the traditional retail rental model. But as it encountered challenges it underwent several major strategy shifts, ultimately developing a business model and an operational strategy that were highly disruptive to retail video rental chains. The combination of a large national inventory, a recommendation system that drove viewership across .....more


Chicago Chemicals, Inc. (9-618-028) NEW
Pisano, Gary P.;Hammond, Jan;Fisher, Marshall


Judo in Action (9-703-454) NEW
Corts, Kenneth;Freier, Debbie

Contains four short stories about small firms challenging large firms. Illustrates some of the ideas that have been termed "judo strategy." In each case, one can argue that the small firm attempts to use the large firm''s size and incumbency to constrain the large firm and provide an opportunity for the small firm. The four vignettes are: (1) Softsoap pioneers the liquid soap market with little competition, at least initially, from the incumbent bar .....more


AKB48: Going Global? (A) (9-717-445) NEW
Alcacer, Juan;Sasamoto, Kotaro;Chayakul, Tee;Yamazaki, Mayuka

After a remarkable success in Japan, the producer of the Japanese female singing group AKB48 evaluates market opportunities overseas for his artistic creation. This case introduces the business model behind the AKB48 concept and allows students to identify what geographic market - China, Indonesia, Taiwan, The Philippines, Thailand or South Korea - is more suitable for AKB48''s first move overseas. During the discussion, students also identify the .....more


AKB48: Going Global? (B) (9-717-446) NEW
Alcacer, Juan;Yamazaki, Mayuka

After a remarkable success in Japan, the producer of the Japanese female singing group AKB48 evaluates market opportunities overseas for his artistic creation. This case introduces the business model behind the AKB48 concept and allows students to identify what geographic market - China, Indonesia, Taiwan, The Philippines, Thailand or South Korea - is more suitable for AKB48''s first move overseas. During the discussion, students also identify the .....more


Cisco Systems and OpenDNS: Strategic Integration (9-718-489) NEW
Wu, Andy;Gonzalez, George;Wang, David


GasBuddy: Fueling Its Digital Platform for Agilitiy and Growth (BAB420) NEW
Gillan Huang, Clare M.

When the case is introduced, GasBuddy is a 15-year-old mobile app-led company, providing gas station and pricing information to drivers and selling ads to fuel stations and convenience store owners. Though the GasBuddy Mobile App has received many awards and often ranks among the top-three travel apps in downloads, competitive pressure is building. Recognizing the competitive shifts, its parent company, UCG, brings in a new management team that is .....more


Strategy and the Crystal Cycle (CMR301) NEW
Mathews, John A.

In industries characterized by very large capital investment and fast-moving technological dynamics, cyclical behavior emerges as the setting in which firms have to strategize. The barriers to entry in such settings are extremely high, but they can be breached--as shown in the flat panel display industry, which has seen successive entries by Japanese, then Korean, then Taiwanese firms during the past decade. In its short history, this industry has .....more


A Better Approach to China''s Markets (F1003G) NEW
Magni, Max;Atsmon, Yuval

Most companies treat all big cities in China as one animal, all growing cities as another. It''s much more effective to define markets by economic outlook, consumer attitudes, and culture.


Manage Your Team''s Collective Time (F1406A) NEW
Perlow, Leslie A.

It''s long been known that time management and designated time off improves employees'' quality of life. New research shows that it also dramatically increases companies'' productivity. The key to success is not to focus on individual behavior but rather to empower teams to collectively manage their time.


Qwikcilver and Woohoo Developing a Complementary Platform (IMB671) NEW
Srinivasan, R.;Lakshmipathy, Sandeep;Koride, Padmavathi

This case on Qwikcilver and Woohoo analyses the development of the Qwikcilver gift card processing business, its various challenges in evolving the primary B2B business model and how the firm has introduced the Woohoo platform to help with direct customer connect. It begins with the efforts of the founders in identifying a green field opportunity, how they go about bringing in the initial customer base and then the case delves into the different developments .....more




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Dalian Wanda Group: The AMC Entertainment Acquisition (B)

Dalian Wanda Group: The AMC Entertainment Acquisition (A)

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Introduction to Incentive-based Sales Compensation Systems

Linear Programming Basics

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Lind Equipment

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The Stories Behind the Numbers

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Wenzhou Kangning Hospital: Changing Mental Healthcare in China (B)

Wenzhou Kangning Hospital: Changing Mental Healthcare in China

Strategy Execution Module 9: Building a Balanced Scorecard

Artificial Intelligence and the Machine Learning Revolution in Finance: Cogent Labs and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Huawei: How Can We Lead the Way?

Predicting Consumer Tastes with Big Data at Gap

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A New Team Face


Big Data in Marketing

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Precision Agriculture at Deere & Company

AC Hotels. Investment in New Hotels

Still Leading (B6): Sherry Lansing--Producing Social Change

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Making Target the Target: Boycotts and Corporate Political Activity (B)

Making Target the Target: Boycotts and Corporate Political Activity

Closed-End Funds at Saba Capital Management

Breakfast at the Paramount

Google Inc. in 2014

Shisong Cardiac Center: Kumbo, Cameroon

CloudFlare, Inc.: Running Hot?

Bankruptcy at Caesars Entertainment

Real Estate in China: A Technical Note for SOHO China

Dylan Pierce at Peninsula Industries

Coffee Wars in India: Starbucks 2012

Moral Voice: Talking About Ethics at Work

PepsiCo, Profits, and Food: The Belt Tightens

Sturm, Ruger & Co. and the Business of Guns

Oberoi Hotels: Train Whistle in the Tiger Reserve

Freemium Pricing at Dropbox

Note on Radiation Therapy, Stereotaxis, and Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Volkswagen do Brasil: Driving Strategy with the Balanced Scorecard

Strategic Complements and Substitutes


Google''s Project Oxygen: Do Managers Matter?

Mekanism: Engineering Viral Marketing

Ctrip: Scientifically Managing Travel Services

Appellation Shanxi: Grace Vineyard

Nike Football: World Cup 2010 South Africa

Fairstar Heavy Transport (A)

Harvard Management Company (2010)

Keeping Google "Googley

Zappos.com 2009: Clothing, Customer Service, and Company Culture

American Well: The Doctor Will E-See You Now

Google Inc.

General Electric''s 20th Century CEOs

Scientific Glass Incorporated: Inventory Management (Brief Case)

Voyages Soleil: The Hedging Decision


Board of Directors at Medtronic, Inc.

Asia Renal Care

What Is an Organization''s Culture?

Perspective on Entrepreneurship

Meg Whitman at eBay, Inc. (A)

General Electric Medical Systems--2002

USA TODAY: Pursuing the Network Strategy (A)

Eddie Bauer, Inc.

GE''s Digital Revolution: Redefining the E in GE

GE''s Two-Decade Transformation: Jack Welch''s Leadership

Birth of Modern Macroeconomic Policy: Sweden and the Great Depression

Maria Hernandez & Associates

Marriott Corp. (B)

Coca-Cola Co. (A)

GE: We Bring Good Things to Life (A)

Corning Glass Works International (A)

Mobil USM&R (A1)

Unilever''s Butter-Beater: Innovation for Global Diversity

Problems at InSpeech

Body Shop International

NovaCare, Inc.: Living the Vision

Jack Welch: General Electric''s Revolutionary

General Electric: Jack Welch''s Second Wave (A)

General Electric Co.: Preparing for the 1990s

Procter & Gamble Europe: Vizir Launch


Note on Accountability in the U.S. Health Care System

EXACT Sciences Corp.: Commercializing a Diagnostic Test

Cardinal Health: The Medicine Shoppe Acquisition (B)