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Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant: Motivating in Good Times and Bad (2175) NEW
Beer, Michael;Collins, Elizabeth

When students have the English-language PDF of this Brief Case in a coursepack, they will also have the option to purchase an audio version. In May 2007, the Engstrom Auto Mirrors plant, a relatively small supplier based in Indiana, faces a crisis. The business was in the second year of a downturn. Sales had started to decline in 2005; a year later, plant manager Ron Bent had been forced to lay off more than 20 percent of the work force. Plant .....more


Kent Chemical: Organizing for International Growth (4409) NEW
Bartlett, Christopher A.;Winig, Laura

In July 2008, Luis Morales, president of Kent Chemical International, is proposing a third reorganization effort after two failed attempts to better align his business with its U.S.-based parent company. With a global expansion strategy placing increasing demands on his organization, a divide forming between Kent''s core business and its growth markets, and a global recession looming, Morales knows this time his plan has no room for error.


Meli Marine (4426) NEW
Hamermesh, Richard G.;Yong, Sunru

Meli Marine, a container shipping company, is facing an important strategic decision after an interesting acquisition opportunity presents itself. Founded in 1974 by the Chang Family, the Singapore-based company has carved out a niche in the intra-Asia transport market. After years of success, eroding business conditions caused a financial crisis and a new CEO, David Tian, was brought in. Tian created a successful strategic change effort that resulted .....more

Case (Gen Exp)

Dovernet (9-112-061) NEW
Simons, Robert L.;Kindred, Natalie

This case illustrates the implications of using stringent performance measurement systems to create performance pressure, motivate employee achievement, and sharpen a firm''s competitiveness. It opens by describing the downsides of the ruthlessly competitive culture at Zynga, a young, successful online gaming company. A similar data-driven performance measurement system is employed at Dovernet, a Vancouver-based provider of enterprise communications .....more

Case (Library)

New Century Financial Corporation (Abridged) (9-113-002) NEW
Palepu, Krishna G.;Srinivasan, Suraj;Cornell, Ian

The case introduces students to the subprime mortgage industry and helps to understand the business model and how economics transactions of subprime mortgage originators is captured by their accounting. It illustrates the risk management roles of management, audit committee and the external auditor.

Case (Field)

Trouble Brewing for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (9-113-035) NEW
Srinivasan, Suraj;Norris, Michael

Case (Library)

Ahold versus Tesco--Analyzing Performance (9-113-040) NEW
Srinivasan, Suraj;Rossano, Penelope

The case relates to understanding and comparing the performance of two leading retail companies-Ahold and Tesco. The case introduces the tools of Dupont and Modified Dupont Decomposition. While performance as measured by return on equity has been similar for the two companies, Ahold has had significantly better stock market performance compared to Tesco. Ahold also has a significant amount of cash on its balance sheet leading to low levels of net .....more

Case (Field)

The Private Company Council (9-113-045) NEW
Ramanna, Karthik;Viceira, Luis M.

Financial Accounting Foundation chairman Jack Brennan is under pressure from private-company interests to set up a new body-the Private Company Council-to determine separate GAAP for private companies. PCC advocates-including the US Chamber of Commerce-argue that traditional US GAAP has too many disclosure and fair-value requirements that impose very high compliance costs on private companies. But there are influential players-including the Big Four .....more

Case (Library)

Say on Pay at The Walt Disney Company (9-113-052) NEW
Gow, Ian D;Ormazabal, Gaizka

This case focuses on the lead-up to Disney''s 2012 annual meeting where Disney would face a vote on the compensation package of its CEO, Robert Iger. Leading proxy advisory firms were recommending that shareholders reject the proposed compensation.

Case (Field)

Diamond Foods, Inc. (9-113-055) NEW
Srinivasan, Suraj;Gray, Tim

The Diamonds Foods, Inc. case describes the major accounting blow up at the company in late 2011 that was triggered by a report by Off Wall Street, a prominent short selling research firm. Diamond Foods, a high flying growth company in 2011, grew from a walnut farmers'' cooperative in 2005 into a branded snack foods manufacturer on the strength of a series of acquisitions. The accounting scandal that involved improper accounting for walnut purchases .....more

Case (Field)

Investindustrial Exits Ducati (9-113-058) NEW
Brochet, Francois;Misztal, Karol

In early 2012, Investindustrial, a European private equity group, publicly announced their intention to sell their 76.7% stake in Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A., an iconic Italian producer of sport performance motorcycles. The decision followed a six-year turnaround during which Ducati returned to profitability and significantly expanded its product line. Investindustrial''s team had the following exit alternatives: 1) a trade sale to an automotive buyer; .....more


Apartheid in South Africa (9-113-084) NEW
Healy, Paul M.

A short history of Apartheid in South Africa.

Supplement (Library)

The IASB at a Crossroads: The Future of International Financial Reporting Standards B (9-113-089) NEW
Ramanna, Karthik;Misztal, Karol;Beyersdorfer, Daniela

Supplement for case 111084


Credit Rating Agency Reform in the US and EU (9-312-127) NEW
Pozen, Robert C.;Conroy, Brian

The purpose of this note is to explore reform options for the credit rating industry. The note examines the ways in which credit rating agencies contributed to the recent financial crisis, particularly through ratings of securitized products and sovereign debt. It further describes changes already enacted by the US and the EU, as well as other reform proposals considered by lawmakers.

Case (Library)

El Paso''s Sale to Kinder Morgan (9-313-021) NEW
Coates, John;Rose, Clayton;Lane, David

On October 16, 2011, El Paso agreed to sell itself to Kinder Morgan for just over $21 billion. Shareholders filed suit, arguing that the process was tainted by conflict and that a higher price could be obtained. Delaware Chancellor Leo Strine agreed with the plaintiffs on the conflicts, and in his opinion expressed serious concerns with how El Paso advisor Goldman Sachs and El Paso CEO Douglas Foshee conducted themselves in the process. The case examines .....more

Case (Field)

Omidyar Network: Pioneering Impact Investment (9-313-090) NEW
Chu, Michael;Barley, Lauren

Omidyar Network, having deployed over $500 million in ways ranging from donations to commercial equity capital, must decide whether to back Anudip, an Indian organization dedicated to rural employment. The social impact of Anudip is high, but its financial performance is lackluster. Able to deploy all the tools along the capital curve of impact investing, which if any is optimal for Anudip? The case recounts the transition of eBay founder Pierre Omidyar .....more

Case (Library)

PepsiCo, Profits, and Food: The Belt Tightens (9-314-055) NEW
Badaracco, Joseph L., Jr.;Preble, Matthew

The case describes the issues facing Indra Nooyi after five years of PepsiCo''s new and controversial nutrition strategy.

Case (Field)

Toby Johnson (A): Leading After School (9-410-103) NEW
Groysberg, Boris;Danford, Leslie;Lodge, Amy;Sayles, Tereh

After completing her MBA in 2007, Toby Johnson, a former army pilot with the 18th Airborne Corps Rapid Deployment Force, joined PepsiCo''s Leadership Development Program (LDP). For her first assignment with PepsiCo, Johnson accepted a position as a manufacturing-manager at a Frito-Lay plant in Williamsport, PA. The Williamsport plant had 200 employees and 54 million pounds of production per year. The case describes how Johnson took charge of the plant, .....more

Supplement (Field)

Toby Johnson (B) (9-410-104) NEW
Groysberg, Boris

Supplement to 410-103.

Case (Field)

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.: Driving Change Through Internal Communication (9-411-077) NEW
Groysberg, Boris;Slind, Michael

Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL), confronted in 2003 with an urgent need to change how it operated externally, adopted a highly innovative approach to communicating internally. This case, set in 2010, presents an overview of the new, more interactive model of employee communication that HPCL introduced as part of its effort to adapt to increased market competition during the early 21st century. (HPCL, previously a wholly state-owned company within a state-controlled .....more




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Oxipouco - An Endangered Species Resource Negotiation (A): SuperPharma - Confidential Instructions

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Intel: Strategic Decisions in Locating a New Assembly and Test Plant (A)

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Entrepreneurship in Healthcare IT Services (EHITS) Fall Term 2013: Course Outline and Syllabus, Course Overview Note

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The "Chongqing Model" and the Future of China

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Can the Eurozone Survive?

YPF - The Argentine Oil Nationalization of 2012

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The Facebook IPO Litigation

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